Insurance Class Actions

Most people don’t realize how a class action can get started: by one person: that’s right, one person. If an insurance problem is an across-the-board problem that one person or business is experiencing, a class action can be an option to investigate.
A class action is not a hundred or a thousand different cases. It is one case. And that one case needs to have features that make it suitable to become a class action. One main feature is that the person or business starting the case has a problem that is substantially similar to a problem that others are experiencing.
A second requirement is that the other people or businesses who have a similar problem are people or businesses of the same type as the class action plaintiff (the one who starts and files the case).
These are tricky waters, indeed. A law firm that undertakes a class action case needs many years of seasoning in this field, along with the substantive knowledge of the law that will control or guide the case.
QLG has relationships with class action firms and works cases in a joint effort, combining the know-how on the law, the class action experience of QLG and its partners, all backed by the resources of large teams of the best talent in the business.
Richard Quadrino has been involved in many class actions that have impacted the lives and businesses of people across the country. His teams are known in the insurance industry as high quality lawyers that have the same culture as QLG: grit, creativity, talent, and boldness. For a sample of class action results, see the Results section on the navigation bar, above.
If you want to discuss a case that you think could or should be a class action against a health insurance company or other insurer, please contact Rick Quadrino to have an extensive discussion about how the case can be initially investigated and evaluated.

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