QLG News & Press

  • Medical Economics, a national magazine for medical providers, sought input from Richard Quadrino as to providers’ needs in challenging claims denials . . . more
  • Law360, a widely-read legal journal for judges and law firms contacted and interviewed Richard Quadrino for commentary on audits by health insurance companies . . . more
  • The AMA’s publication, American Medical News, interviewed Richard Quadrino to see how how doctors and hospitals could obtain . . . more
  • Richard was contacted by Becker’s, a leading hospital journal, to publish an article regarding the use of ERISA by hospital revenue cycle teams to increase collections on commercially . . . more
  • A lawsuit commenced by Quadrino Law Group on behalf of compound pharmacies against the nation’s leading pharmacy benefits manager, Express Scripts, was featured in the Wall Street Journal. . . . more
  • In a front-page feature article entitled “You Have More Leverage Than You Think When Dealing With Denials”, Richard Quadrino dispelled a few notions, laid out a vision . . . more
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