Quadrino Law Group develops a customized strategy for each of the firm’s clients. Information is gathered, investigations are conducted, and research is performed before consulting with the client to design and implement a plan that has the best chance of success. This protocol, combined with the unique experience and talent pool of the firm’s personnel, has been the formula for success behind the firm’s CEO and Founder, Richard J. Quadrino.
When challenging insurance companies as to the handling of claims or the implementation of their practices, it is critically important to have depth and understanding of the industry, its culture, how insurance is developed, how it works, and the unique laws and regulations that come into play. QLG has this depth, and uses it in creative and powerful ways. Richard and his teams marshal his years of ERISA knowledge and weave it together with insurance industry know-how to form a unique blend in the legal industry.
The firm’s practice areas in the field of insurance include claims management and litigation regarding ERISA-governed health insurance plans, insurance claims and litigation, and insurance class actions. Richard drives and supervises these practice groups, ensuring that the firm’s strategies take advantage of the unique knowledge and experience base available to QLG clients. For more information on these practice areas, click on the Practice Areas section on the navigation bar, above.
Having unique knowledge and experience, however, is simply not enough. The final piece of the puzzle is how these tools are implemented: that’s how QLG clients obtain the best odds of winning. Through grit, tenacity, and creativity — with an appropriate dash of boldness — the knowledge base and experience comes to life in ways that are tangible to the firm’s clients. For more information on results obtained, click on the Results section on the navigation bar, above. Samples of success on claims and litigation are posted regarding ERISA-governed health plan claims, insurance claims and litigation, and insurance class actions.
For more information about Richard and the lawyers of the firm, click on the Attorneys section on the navigation bar, above. To see media coverage and articles written by and about Richard, please visit the News & Press pages by clicking on the News & Press section on the navigation bar, above. Richard’s blog posts are also readily available via the navigation bar and also by visiting his featured blog pages on the Chiropractic Economics website.

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